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Directory of MLV Premium Members

Below is a list of Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit real estate offices, including a contact phone number, and for some a list of the affiliations their company may have completed or earned and that are Premium Members of Multi-List Vallarta. Click on any logo or office name for more information (Office description, sales agents, Facebook page and office location). Note: you'll be taken to the website MLSVallarta.com.

Multi-List Vallarta is an independent service that provides a real estate multiple listing service (MLS) to the Puerto Vallarta/Riviera Nayarit regions. The service has been in operation since 1988 and includes a monthly printed catalog and an online searchable database available here.

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Tel: 322-209-1690 • Fax: 322-221-2312
Av. Paseo de la Marina 245 L-E Int 1
Multi-list Vallarta
Tel: 322-221-5434 • Fax: 322-221-5335
Km. 1.5, No. 878 Carretera a Mismaloya
Multi-list VallartaMulti-Dev VallartaA.M.P.I.
Tel: 322-224-0014 • Fax:
Boulevard Fco. Medina Ascencio 2216-A
Multi-list VallartaA.M.P.I.
Tel: 322-228-0419 • Fax: 322-228-0419
Leona Vicario 230-D
Multi-list VallartaA.M.P.I.The International Real Estate FederationNational Association of RealtorsCertified International Property Specialis
Tel: 322-223-0055 • Fax: 322-221-1777
Ancla Local 24
Multi-list VallartaA.M.P.I.
Tel: 329-298-5010 • Fax:
Km 3.7 Carr. a Punta de Mita Int. 21-I Condominio Real del Mar
Multi-list VallartaA.M.P.I.
Tel: 322-221-2377 • Fax: 322-221-0079
Marina Las Palmas I L-2
Multi-list VallartaA.M.P.I.
Tel: 311-258-4041 • Fax: 311-258-4041
Tercer Mundo 91
Multi-list VallartaA.M.P.I.National Association of Realtors
Tel: 322-209-0832 • Fax: 322-209-1358
Francisco Medina Ascencio 2600-B L-3C-D
Multi-list VallartaA.M.P.I.
Tel: 311-258-4521 • Fax:
America Latina S/N
Tel: 329-291-6421 • Fax: 329-291-6421
Multi-list VallartaA.M.P.I.
Tel: 322-221-3581 • Fax: 322-221-3580
Plaza Peninsula Local F-2, Francisco Medina Ascencio 2485
Multi-list VallartaA.M.P.I.
Tel: 322-221-5640 • Fax: 322-221-5625
Rinconada de los Corales 404 Dep. 9
Multi-list VallartaA.M.P.I.
Tel: 322-221-0287 • Fax: 322-221-0433
Club de Tenis Puesta del Sol L-18-A
Multi-list VallartaA.M.P.I.
Tel: 329-291-5470 • Fax:
Ave. Anclote 202 Poniente
Multi-list VallartaA.M.P.I.
Tel: 322-223-0569 • Fax: 322-223-0570
Lázaro Cárdenas 295
Multi-list VallartaA.M.P.I.
Tel: 322-224-5416 • Fax: 322-224-0509
Atun 118
Multi-list VallartaA.M.P.I.
Tel: 322-226-6763 • Fax: 322-226-6739
Paseo de los Cocoteros 1, L-16 Int. 3
Multi-list VallartaMulti-Dev Vallarta
Tel: 322-291-6500 • Fax: 322-291-6500
Ramal Carr. Federal 200 km. 19
Multi-list VallartaMulti-Dev Vallarta
Tel: 322-222-4288 • Fax: 322-222-4287
México 1320 L-2
Multi-list VallartaMulti-Dev VallartaA.M.P.I.Council of Residential SpecialistsThe International Real Estate FederationNational Association of RealtorsCommercial Investment Real EstateCertified International Property Specialis
Tel: 322-221-0111 • Fax: 322-221-0111
Marina Las Palmas II L-20
Multi-list Vallarta
Tel: 329-291-5442 • Fax: 329-291-5402
Plaza Ollin, Av. de las Redes S/N
Multi-list VallartaA.M.P.I.
Tel: 322-228-0584 • Fax:
Prol. Paseo de las Conchas Chinas 179
Multi-list VallartaA.M.P.I.
Tel: (322) 223-5300 • Fax: 322-223-5301
Ignacio L. Vallarta 130 Local 7
Multi-list VallartaMulti-Dev VallartaA.M.P.I.National Association of Realtors
Tel: 322-222-6505 • Fax: 322-222-2555
Púlpito 145-A
Multi-list VallartaMulti-Dev VallartaA.M.P.I.National Association of RealtorsCertified International Property Specialis

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