As summer sets in, many Puerto Vallarta locals look for creative ways to stay cool. This can happen by congregating in public, air conditioned spaces, such as shopping centers, restaurants or movie theaters. And for many of us, it can also happen through day passes at local hotels.

Day passes are as varied in price and amenities as the many establishments that offer them, but all center around access to swimming pools, food and beverages. Beyond that, different places throw different amenities to the mix according to their own, individual offerings. Often times, they are not advertised as widely as you’d think. So their success relies largely on word of mouth. Regardless, day passes are effective promotional tools for these places during the summer, when their hotel guest load allow for additional people in their premises—day passers often become excellent spokespeople for these establishments.

We found ourselves exploring the South Shore when we came across an unexpected day pass at Villa Azalea Inn & Organic Farm, a hideaway located less than 40 minutes south of Puerto Vallarta along Carr. 200 Sur. A truly relaxing haven, Villa Azalea is a first-class luxury hotel tucked in the mountains. Best described by its own website, Villa Azalea is particularly suited for couples of groups of friends looking for a completely relaxing vacation, close enough to Puerto Vallarta to take advantages of the city's many activities, but not necessarily in the thick of them.

Aside from being blessed from lower temperatures due to its mountain location (a particular plus during the summer months), Villa Azalea’s organic farm becomes the centerpiece for day passers. Upon arrival, you get to harvest your own greens for the lunch you will enjoy later in the day. Once the harvesting is done, you can relax at their swimming pool or adventure into the adjoining river for a relaxing swim while your meal is prepared. Lunch (organic salad, entree and dessert) is enjoyed afterwards, and then, you can continue to enjoy your leisurely day in their grounds.

A day pass at Villa Azalea is quite removed—literally and figuratively—from the experience you might enjoy at a local beachfront property. It provides a glimpse into the overnight experience at one of Puerto Vallarta’s most unique lodging options. And with extremely affordable prices during the remainder of the summer, a night at Villa Azalea might be closer to you than you think.

Villa Azalea’s day pass is $350 pesos per person. Alcoholic beverages are not included. Lunch options vary based on ingredients and produce available at Villa Azalea. For more information, visit their website.