Featured in Vallarta Lifestyles Magazine, Winter/Spring 2009 issue.

The view of the town directly below and the entire bay is simply spectacular!

Climb up any of the step-lined streets that lead to this charming hillside neighborhood and you will quickly understand why Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton chose to have homes built there back in the 1960s. The view of the town directly below and the entire bay is simply spectacular! For that matter, it is no surprise that many other snowbirds followed suit, thus leading to the foundation of one of Puerto Vallarta’s original and most enduring foreign-population communities. Today, Gringo Gulch remains an eclectic residential neighborhood, where many of the city’s original constructions remain and traditional Vallartense families, longtime expats, local artists, baby boomers and the occasional rooster or iguana all rub elbows in harmony.

Gringo Gulch is located directly behind Puerto Vallarta’s landmark Lady of Guadalupe Church and can be easily accessed through several El Centro streets leading up from Juarez or Morelos. You could actually attempt to maneuver your vehicle along its narrow streets, but this is an adventure best handled by local residents and taxi drivers. An urban hike like no other in town, with its cobble-stoned streets, steps, twists and turns, Gringo Gulch is best enjoyed by foot.

Consider walking up Guerrero St., which wraps around the hill overlooking the Rio Cuale, or up the steps on Miramar St. off Insurgentes. Several renowned restaurants, from upscale Trio or Hacienda San Angel Gourmet to La Esquina de los Caprichos, a tiny tapas restaurant, or Planeta Vegetariano, a vegetarian favorite, are all located in or around the neighborhood. You will also come across Puerto Vallarta’s old lighthouse on Matamoros St., in service from 1932 to 1978 and recently restored as a city landmark.