Almost a year after opening its doors at Puerto Vallarta’s popular shopping center, Galerías Vallarta, Specialized has become a must-visit spot for local amateur and professional cyclists. A very popular brand in the United States, Specialized franchises their bicycle and accessory lines to many countries, worldwide.

The local shop features a unique lab to match your body measurements to the ideal frame for you, guaranteeing a perfect fit, according to your cycling interests, be it cycling through dirt roads, cruising about town, or packing for a multi-day excursion.


The staff is fully qualified to hold your hand, if you are a novice, to help you select the best bicycle for you. And should your bicycle need repairs and maintenance in the future, Specialized has the resources you need.

While mountain biking has been popular in Puerto Vallarta for some time—several outlets offering guided tours and such—recent interest in urban cycling has risen, along with increased awareness from motor vehicle drivers. When it comes to responsible cycling culture, there is still quite a way to go. However, several group rides organised in Puerto Vallarta on any given week makes it easier to venture into town on a bike.

This increase in popularity has, in turn, made hybrid bicycles—sturdy frames with suspension to help manage off-road exploration, and tires narrow enough for a smooth, swift ride on a paved road—quite popular in town. Specialized features several of these, along with true mountain models and the ever popular cruisers, ideal for exploring beach communities such as San Pancho or Sayulita. Learn more about Specialized by visiting their shop at Galerías Vallarta, sending them an email message or visiting their Facebook page.