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Puerto Vallarta Thrives During the Summer Months

Published May 22, 2013 - (Updated Aug 29, 2013)


There is a misconception that looms over Puerto Vallarta like an ominous gray cloud: Puerto Vallarta dies after Semana Santa. (It doesn’t, but we won’t cut to the chase just yet ...) This notion, along with variations of it putting down our summer season, have plagued our destination for years. It’s not uncommon to hear expats asking one another “when are you leaving?” with Semana Santa, Mexico’s Spring Break equivalent, becoming the turning point. To that effect, it is also not uncommon for local businesses to frown every time Semana Santa comes early on any given year, fearing they will miss out on coveted American/Canadian income. This year, for example, Semana Santa began with Palm Sunday on March 24. Palm Sunday 2014 is April 13.

Unfortunately, every time we mention that Puerto Vallarta slows down during the Summer to our friends, colleagues, online, in conversation or in social media, we also, indadvertedly, do our fair share of negative promotion, whether we choose to or not. Of course, nobody can deny the changes in weather, the air becoming more hot and humid as the Summer arrives, and the heavy rains adding an extra layer of challenge as you plan your activities through town. But the good news is, an increasing number of initiatives have been set in place to dispel the fact that Summer is dead here, or there simply aren’t enough things to do.

For example, since its inception nine years ago, Restaurant Week has been taking place during the second half of May, which also happens to be the month in which Puerto Vallarta celebrates its anniversary as a city and a municipality. New events, such as the Bugambilia Festival and Gay Pride celebration, also taking place in May, add to the appeal of being here. At the same time, more and more budget savvy travelers are looking at May and June as shoulder seasons, perfect to enjoy Puerto Vallarta, even if the weather is not quite as glorious as it is during the Winter and Spring months.

How do those of us that live here year around keep busy and cope with the changing weather? What is there to do for those choosing to visit Puerto Vallarta during the Summer months? This is the first of a series of features that will appear in Vallarta Lifestyles Newsletter hoping to celebrate Summer in Puerto Vallarta.

Two Minutes With Expats in Vallarta

We took time to meet with Kimberly Altman of Expats in Vallarta during one of their ongoing social events at Langostino’s, an oceanfront restaurant in Puerto Vallarta’s popular Los Muertos Beach. The organization maintains a helpful website with resources for locals or tourists looking to get a clearer picture of what it’s like to live here on a long-term basis. Check out this two-minute video! 

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