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Hot Spot: Olas Altas

Published Aug 2, 2007 - (Updated Dec 11, 2012)


Featured in Vallarta Lifestyles Magazine, Summer/Fall 2007 issue.

Bustling with activity day and night, this trendy street has such a formidable draw that many tourists and locals actually refer to the entire neighborhood by its name. Saunter about and you will be delighted to have scheduled ample time to discover its many restaurants, gift stores, outdoor cafés and nightclubs. And every year on New Year’s Eve, three of its blocks close down for one of Puerto Vallarta’s most legendary street parties.

  1. Daiquiri Dick’s
  2. Coco Tropical
  3. BocaBento
  4. Santa Barbara Theater
  5. Kaiser Maximilian
  6. Ándale
  7. Café San Angel
  8. Archie’s Wok
  9. Bayside Properties
  10. Venegas Realty
  11. La Piazzetta
  12. Xoco Diva
  13. Timothy Fuller & Associates
  14. Dee’s Coffeehouse
  15. Angelo’s
  16. Sama Lounge
  17. Mamá Dolores
  18. Blu by Len

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