Featured in Vallarta Lifestyles Magazine, Summer/Fall 2008 issue.

The Malecon extension that connects the original Malecon to the South Side is home to an eclectic collection of shops, eateries and services. In the stretch between the Los Arcos Amphitheater and the Benito Juarez parking lot, you can find everything from coffee to vanilla liqueur, from funky clothing to t-shirts, from fine dining to a quick snack. Browse in numerous shops offering a vast array of jewelry and souvenirs, some with unique items such as the colorful Lucha Libre (Mexican professional wrestling) masks and boldly colored wooden puzzles. Peppering the ocean side of this walkway in the evening, numerous vendors offer enticing and freshly prepared local delicacies and a vast array of treasures to tempt even the most discriminating shopper.

  1. Naval Museum
  2. Roberto's Bar Café
  3. Xiutla Dancers Sculpture
  4. Vitea
  5. Tequila Spirits and Taste
  6. Giant Sails
  7. Bar Café
  8. Danny Yo
  9. Joyería el Diamante
  10. Tequila Don Crispín
  11. Unicornio
  12. Tequilería Espiri González
  13. Jati
  14. Tamales y Atoles Vicky
  15. La Casa de la Vainilla
  16. Lombok