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Best Yelapa Connection: Brad Wollman

Published Apr 27, 2006 - (Updated Aug 30, 2013)

Best Yelapa Connection: Brad Wollman-Main

Featured in Vallarta Lifestyles Magazine, Spring/Summer 2006 issue.

After 15 years of visiting and ultimately living full-time in Yelapa, Brad Wollman decided to share his considerable expertise with would-be visitors to this pristine village 15 miles southwest of Vallarta. Married to a native Yelapense, Brad is a virtual one-man chamber of commerce, eager to share his love and knowledge of this unique community, where one relishes living simply and holistically.

Thanks to Brad’s experience with Yelapa’s resources and his personal assistance, visitors are assured a comfortable, memorable stay. His comprehensive website, www.palapainyelapa.com, offers detailed advice from arrival to departure. Operating from his Yelapa beachside office, Brad offers visitors the assurance of reserved accommodations and activities, along with a variety of little-known options for enjoying their vacations to the fullest.

Formerly a YMCA director, he is adept at working with all ages, alleviating concerns about vacationing off the beaten track and matching needs/wishes to the best available resources. In addition, Brad and his wife, Veronica, house volunteers from around the world to help with their favorite project, Casa Imagination, a community program committed to providing educational/creative activities for Yelapa youth. Need to unwind a bit? Dial 209-5096 to start the ball rolling.

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