While most tourists think about buying silver here, shoes don't usually enter the equation - unless they need to buy a comfy pair to survive the cobblestone streets - but take a look at the wide selection offered, particularly of sandals. Most come from Leon, Mexico's shoe capital, and range from cute, cheap throwaways to those you'll depend on for years.

Huaraches, flat-heeled sandals with an upper of woven leather strips, are said by devotees to be the most comfortable shoe you can wear. Originally made with rubber tire soles, most modern styles have flexible leather ones. The tried-and-true way to obtain a perfect fit is to soak them in the ocean, then wear them as the leather dries and conforms to your feet. Huaracheria Fabiola on I. L, Vallarta across from the Hotel Molino del Agua makes any kind of flat-soled sandal you want. The process is simple: They trace the outline of your foot on paper, measure your instep, then replicate a shoe you bring in or actualize an idea you have. Expect to pay about $20 USD and wait a day to pick them up.