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Leona Vicario & Guadalupe Sanchez

Published Feb 10, 2006 - (Updated Dec 19, 2012)

Puerto Vallarta is growing by leaps and bounds, and consequently places of interest are increasingly spread out. So it’s refreshing to find an atmospheric corner in the heart of the city, just three blocks up from the oceanfront Malecon, where you can happily amuse yourself all day and evening long!

And since Leona Vicario was a female founder of modern-day independent Mexico, while Gualadupe Sanchez was the founder of Puerto Vallarta back in 1851, it’s quite apropos that one of Vallarta’s most progressive, avant-garde intersections is named after them! Anchored by Vallarta’s gold-standard restaurant, Café des Artistes, which has commanded the corner of Leona Vicario and Guadalupe Sanchez for a decade and a half, two more gourmet restaurants, a wine bar, a deli-café, half a dozen world-class art galleries and five wonderful shops have taken up residence at this ideal location, every one of them top drawer and representative of the absolute best in Mexican and international art, craftsmanship and cuisine.

Now when it comes to finding a souvenir of Vallarta, a recuerdo with class and impact, which woman - or man, for that matter - do you know who wouldn’t appreciate that four of the very neat boutiques here sell bold original jewelry and the other equally fabulous lingerie? And as far as the cute factor, resident models Leonardo and Bean at Leona 226 are way off the charts!

During the day you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or a coffee pick-me-up at the funky deli-café when not taking in the scene, shopping or browsing unique and exciting exhibitions of paintings, photographs, sculptures, glass art and more by the best Vallartense, national and international artists.

Evenings bring additional possibilities, along with a privileged mood: live music at the Costantini Wine Bar and dinner at three of Puerto Vallarta’s premier venues, Café des Artistes Bistro Gourmet, Thierry Blouet’s Cocina de Autor and Si Señor.

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