Courtesy of Bianco

Thai Rice

Combine rice and water in large saucepan. Bring to boil. Reduce to simmer.
Cover. Cook 12 minutes or until water is absorbed. Transfer to large mixing bowl.
Incorporate remaining ingredients.

Fennel Mango Salad

In large bowl, gently mix mango, fennel and cilantro with wooden spatula.
Incorporate remaining ingredients. Set aside.

Avocado Fritter

Pour cold water into mixing bowl. Add tempura batter mix. Blend well with wire whisk.
Add basil, mint, paprika and togarashi. Set aside. If mix is too thick, add small amount of water.
Pre-heat fryer to 365°F. Oil should be at least 5” deep. Dip avocados in prepared tempura mix.
Deep-fry 20 seconds, one at a time. Place on paper towels to drain excess oil.

Sesame Peppered Ruby Red Ahi Tuna

Place sesame seeds in two separate shallow bowls. Toss each with 1 tsp.
of freshly ground black pepper. Working with one tuna steak at a time,
press one side of tuna into white sesame seeds and the other side into
black sesame seeds. Place heavy skillet over high heat. Pour in 1 Tbsp.
grape seed oil. Sear tuna one minute on each side. Set aside. Repeat process.

Pinot Gris Hibiscus Essence

In medium saucepan, combine Pinot gris, tangerine juice, shallots, and hibiscus flowers. Cook over medium heat. Reduce liquid by 2/3. Stir in cream. Reduce until cream is thickened. Whisk in butter. Strain through fine sieve. Season with sea salt and finely ground white pepper.


Place a three-inch-wide by one-inch-tall ring in center of large serving plate.
Pack Thai rice into ring. Remove ring. Top rice with fennel mango salad.
Cut tuna crosswise, on bias. Lean tuna against rice with one of each colored
side showing. Spoon sauce around. Garnish with avocado fritters, mint sprigs and wonton fans.