Property Tax

At the beginning of every year, you need to pay property taxes (Impuesto Predial). If they are paid in January, you receive a 15% discount. If your property is in the state of Jalisco, as is the case with Puerto Vallarta, your payment needs to be made to:

In Nayarit:

Federal Zone Rights

If you have an oceanfront property, you need to pay an annual Federal beach zone fee (Derechos Zona Federal), unless it is a condo, in which case the fee is part of your HOA payment. Payment is made to:

In Nayarit:

Rental Property

If you rent your property, you need to get a tax ID (Cedula de Identificacion Fiscal) from:

In Nayarit:

Residency Permit

You can apply for a Mexican residency permit (Permiso para Residir) at:

Mexican Social Security

If you have house staff (maid, cook, chauffeur), you should register them with Mexican Social Security at:

In Nayarit:


Your phone bill is due monthly and can be paid at various banks and grocery stores or at:

In Nayarit:


For both states, your electric bill is due every two months and can be paid at:

Home Owner’s Insurance

If you need insurance for your property, which may be included in your HOA fees, there are many insurance companies available, but most North Americans work with: