El Tuito, Jalisco
There is something very old and radically new taking shape about a mile outside of El Tuito on the road to Yelapa. Tierra Alta is an ecological cabin development on 7 hectares (17 acres) of oak-forested foothills with beautiful views over the valley of El Tuito, an attractive ranching and farming town less than an hour from Puerto Vallarta. The land at Tierra Alta will be divided into about 28 cabin lots, each with at least 1,600 sq. meters to assure low density.
Tierra Alta and the town of El Tuito are becoming known as the mid-point between Vallarta and the wild, empty, beautiful beaches along the Pacific coast. Residents can decide each morning whether to go 45 minutes north to visit friends in Vallarta or pivot west toward the fresh lobster lunches along the Pacific beaches, also just 45 minutes away. Or, they will simply spend the day on their cabin deck, enjoying the light, cooling breeze from the west, surrounded by birdsong and the chatter of squirrels in the oak trees.
As Vallarta has become more intense, urban, exciting, overgrown, hot, exasperating and congested, the El Tuito area has become known for its drier and cooler weather —and for its serenity. Now, you can have all of the technological conveniences that were simply unavailable before in a cabin community. Cell phones (it’s a local call to Vallarta), satellite TV, high speed internet —be as “connected” as you want to be. The cabins are perfect as weekend getaway and vacation retreats or as permanent retirement homes.
The Tierra Alta cabins are beautifully built by the Imagina Group from Guadalajara. Tour the new model cabin with just a phone call in advance to Tropicasa at (322) 222-6505. Land and cabin packages are affordable, with prices starting under $100,000 USD. Visit www.tierraaltatuito.com for more information.