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Pelagio Signature Residences

Published Jan 25, 2011 - (Updated Sep 8, 2015)

Conchas Chinas, Puerto Vallarta
The Pelagio is a new condo-residence project located in Conchas Chinas, overlooking the bay of Banderas with wide sweeping vistas. Each 5,300 sq ft three bedroom residence occupies one full floor – with all rooms featuring views of the bay. The developer has put together a unique team of exceptional providers to showcase their latest and newest products. Where The Pelagio really shines is what it has managed to do with regards to sustainable energy.
To be a leader in today’s and the future economy one must consider that sustainable energy and its technologies are at the forefront of the global economic engine and on the minds of perspective clients, which in turn confirms that if you have not thoroughly considered and integrated environmental standards into your property development/investment, you will fall short of meeting the requirements of the informed buyer and risk that your purchase will be simply out of date. That strategic thinking earned The Pelagio the title of being the only residences in Mexico to be globally endorsed by leading individuals of world class companies that are leaders in their fields.
Their environmental achievements have lowered electrical energy by 80%, water consumption by 30%, pool and domestic hot water heating costs by 90%, and appliances that are up to 45% more energy efficient than the competition. They wanted to create a whole new class of residence and they did…environmental luxury!
Taking the project to a higher level of excellence, a new floor plan was created featuring a grand open space of 5,300 sq ft in concert with 150 lineal ft of terrace for entertaining, each on one level and one that uniquely features all living spaces up front, thus providing panoramic views of the city & bay from every room—characteristic of the “Conchas Chinas” neighborhood. This is contrary to the typical box-style designs where the majority of rooms are found at the back with limited or no views.
For those who call for an effortless lifestyle, home automation was added; integrating next generation lighting, climate, media and security systems featuring voice command and global online control. The Pelagio has raised the bar for new home construction and development in Vallarta!
For more information call (322) 221-5434 or visit www.pelagioresidences.com

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