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New MLS Map Search!

Published Apr 28, 2014 - (Updated Sep 3, 2015)

This year we completed a major upgrade to the public side of Multi-List Vallarta at MLSVallarta.com. This new search interface we believe delivers the easiest way to search for real estate in the Vallarta/Nayarit region. Plus, it offers some new features that make searching not only more interesting, but fun. 
When you combine all this with the excellent positioning of MLSVallarta.com on Google and Yahoo, you’ve got a great combination that makes it easier for prospective buyers to find your property listings.

Contemporary Styling.

We got rid of the classic styling to provide a more, contemporary, “Applish” look and feel to the interface.

Slider Controls.

These make it much easier for the user to adjust the price range and number of bedrooms or bathrooms they are looking for and recalculated results are almost instantaneous.

Region Search.

Now you can search by all regions or any number of sub-regions; you are not limited to just one as in the past. This was a much asked-for feature.


It is much, much faster than the previous interface; results are almost immediate.

Seamless Merging of MLV & MDV.

When viewing a property that is part of a larger development, it is now possible to quickly see information on the actual development, such as amenities and what other units may be available in inventory. When on the property information page, just click on “Project Information”.

Advanced Search.

This offers more search options and local information, with the most interesting being the “Regional Map” which provides roll-over to quickly see the names of the regions, and the ability to click for a description with aerial images.

Check it out here!

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