San Francisco, Nayarit

Located in a lush, 40-hectare property with 500 meters of beach frontage, Hacienda San Pancho features a cultural center with several visual art galleries and  sculptures, a screening room where up to 60 people can enjoy films in surround sound and reclining seat comfort, a beach club, a boutique hotel, and many other amenities.

The boutique hotel, named after the development, features 18 rooms with views of the rustic town of San Francisco, Nayarit. Seven of the rooms have their own splash pool in the terrace. The beautiful beach club inside this charming seaside community features a large infinity pool, sunbathing areas and a lounge from which you can enjoy spectacular sunset views.

Choose from three types of properties within Hacienda San Pancho: casitas, residences and villas. The casitas feature three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms, kitchen, dining room and splash pool in the terrace. Residences feature a common swimming pool for residents only, and two-bedroom/two-bathroom units with kitchen, dining room, and some also offer a splash pool in the terrace area. Villas, on the other hand, feature three bedrooms, three bathrooms, kitchen, dining room and a terrace with beach and town views.

Not only is Hacienda San Pancho an ideal place to visit or live, it’s the perfect place to celebrate your most memorable events. For more information, please call 01 800 7 LEMMUS or visit www.haciendasanpancho.mx