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Lost in Vallarta? Have We Gots Maps for You!

Published Apr 1, 2009 - (Updated Dec 3, 2012)


Featured in Vallarta Lifestyles Magazine, Winter/Spring 2009 issue.

When Google released Maps (its free online mapping service) to the masses in 2005, no one could have foreseen how—just a few years later—we’d become so reliant on this technology. Simply pointing your web browser to maps.google.com allows you to see places on the opposite side of the planet or, in many cases, in your own backyard. And given the high-resolution imagery available in certain parts of the world, we mean that literally! 

Since Maps is an open-ended application, many interesting implementations of the service (known as mashups in web development jargon) have been put into place on many high-profile websites, many of which are collected at Google Maps Mania, an unofficial blog that tracks and showcases websites that have been influenced by Google Maps.

With tourism and real estate Puerto Vallarta’s most powerful magnets, we’ve engineered two mashups that will certainly help you find your way around as you discover the many wonders of our destination from the comfort of your home. Both mashups are database-driven, so you can be assured that all information located within them is current.


Located on the far right of our website’s top navigation menu, our VirtualVallarta.com maps will show you the exact locations of restaurants, hotels, art galleries and shops throughout Banderas Bay, allowing you to activate or deactivate each category to suit your needs. Clicking on any marker displays additional information for the selected item, along with a thumbnail image.


Located on the Search tab of our website’s top navigation menu, our VallartaRealEstateGuide.com maps showcase real estate developments in the bay, along with our own collection of aerial photographs. The expandable development markers show a brief description of the project, along with contact information, and you can also access current inventory availability and selling prices.

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