What are some of the interesting trends, people or places to watch closely in the next few months? Nobody knows for sure. That said, here are some that have caught our attention.

#1 Basilio Badillo’s Comeback

One of Puerto Vallarta’s most popular streets in El Centro, Basilio Badillo has certainly endured its ups and downs. It was known several years ago as La Calle de los Cafes, or Cafe Row, due to the high number of such establishments. This number has declined; however, Basilio Badillo has remained a strong magnet for shoppers, largely due to a few businesses with strong staying power, such as Galleria Dante and Cassandra Shaw Jewelry, in the block between I. Vallarta and Constitucion, and Café de Olla and Freddy’s Tucan, closer to Los Muertos Beach. These last two eateries, along with newcomers Nacho Daddy and Pianeta Gelato, received high marks in this year’s VirtualVallarta.com Readers’ Choice Award. This fact, combined with a couple new galleries that will be open to the public by the time you read this, could easily trigger a major boom for the entire neighborhood.

#2 Municipal Art Museum

Over the years, various mayors have promised to relocate the City Hall offices and convert the space to an art museum with a multi-use area. For assorted reasons, including the lack of funding and a comprehensive plan that satisfies the various local cultural sectors, this goal has remained unmet.

However, in September current Mayor Salvador Gonzalez Resendiz announced that space for the new City Hall offices has been acquired in the Portales neighborhood and the first stone has already been laid. So, we can expect that various government offices will begin operations in the new space in 2011 and the new art museum will become a reality the same year.

#3 Los Muertos Pier Makeover

The Jalisco Secretary of Tourism has announced that the pier on Los Muertos Beach will be remodeled as part of a project that also includes the piers at Boca de Tomates, Mismaloya and Las Animas, the entire project to cost around $25 million pesos. In the ‘60s, Los Muertos pier was a simple wooden structure, but with the town’s growing needs, a concrete one was built to accommodate today’s fishermen and the small boats servicing South Shore areas accessible only by sea. According to the governor of Jalisco, the remodeling will be finished by the end of 2011. The work will include an extension to satisfy increased demand.

#4 Goodbye, Low Season, Hello, Summer Season

We are big on this one, so we’ll be bringing it up frequently. If there is any truth in the caveat “Be careful what you wish for,” maybe it is time we let go of the terms “high season” and “low season” for good, in favor of the more positive “winter season” and “summer season.” After all, they do say the power of intention is strong!

#5 Plaza Peninsula at Night

While Starbucks has helped increase traffic in this small but elegant shopping plaza during the daytime, the popular BarraBar has accomplished the same thing for the late night shift. Now that deSantos, another popular evening spot, is relocating to the plaza and joining some of the other popular eateries there, this area could easily become the trendiest spot in town.