With those words Puerto Vallarta came of age, director John Huston's "The Night of the Iguana" putting us on the tourist map 40 years ago - albeit the acting out of actor Richard Burton with Elizabeth Taylor played a leading role. Apparently, fellow cast member Ava Gardener didn't spend her free time knitting either. Even the media that thronged here to tattle on them fell under Puerto Vallarta's romantic spell. Since then, we've been the seductive natural backdrop for more than two-dozen major films of all genres including "Revenge" and "Predator," as well as myriad TV series, "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous," "Wild On" and more.

And the shenanigans continue. Uma Thurman, recently in a movie shot just south of here in Careyes, is said by her publicist to have done in a guy in her hotel room! Mind you, it was during the shoot of the aptly named "Kill Bill." Watch for its release in 2004, along with "Puerto Vallarta Squeeze" filmed you know where. The town's focusing more on the lucrative business of movie making as it matures, the only place in Mexico to officially promote itself as an ideal location. "National Geographic" magazine agrees, naming us one of the world's best.

Capitalizing on the star-studded momentum, and honoring their father who lived happily in his jungle hideaway on the bay for some 20 years, actor siblings Angelica and Danny Huston are behind the upcoming John Huston International Film Festival scheduled for November 2004. They say, and they should know, that with everything Vallarta has to offer Hollywood's elite will want to attend. "And with some hard work and planning, there's no reason this film festival can't be an important, ongoing one rivaling Sundance."

And if all this inspires you to catch a flick while you're here, we have three multi-cinemas and an alternative one showing cult films. All are air-conditioned and most films are in English with Spanish subtitles.