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Best Nightclub: Carlos O’brian’s

Published Apr 27, 2006 - (Updated Dec 19, 2012)

Best Nightclub: Carlos O’brian’s-Main

Featured in Vallarta Lifestyles Magazine, Spring/Summer 2006 issue.

Having just celebrated 34 years in Puerto Vallarta, Carlos O’Brian’s, of the Anderson’s chain of restaurants, is without a doubt the best nightclub in town. And no wonder! Located at the heart of the Malecon, the atmosphere caters to both locals and visitors, with excellent music and a friendly environment. The prices are neither too lofty nor downright low, and the service is swift, friendly and efficient. The nighttime parties are hot, the people attending being the best-known faces in town and brawls highly unlikely to occur. With a restaurant atmosphere in the evenings (hearty, spicy cuisine) and the bar aspect later on, it is overall the classic nightclub of choice, and no visit to Puerto Vallarta is complete without a Saturday night at Carlos O’brian’s! Díaz Ordaz 786, El Centro.

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