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Best New Dance Craze: Tango

Published Apr 28, 2006 - (Updated Dec 19, 2012)

Best New Dance Craze: Tango-Main

Featured in Vallarta Lifestyles Magazine, Spring/Summer 2006 issue.

Whether you speak English, Spanish, Swahili or all three is irrelevant when it comes to learning tango, the hot, sensuous dance that originated in 19th-century Buenos Aires and has taken PV by storm since tango instructors Barbara and Al Garvey moved to town two years ago. Although they teach in both English and Spanish, “Partners require no spoken language, because their bodies do all the communicating,” Barbara says, “lonely European male immigrants making this dance up just to get as close as possible to a woman.”

“Tango is also spiritual, because you concentrate totally on the moment, the music and your partner. People of all ages, sizes, nationalities and fitness levels become totally obsessed with it, loving how alive it makes them feel.”

Part of a local group planning to travel to Buenos Aires in November to dance where it all began, Pat Henry adds, “When Al told me it was a three-minute love affair every time you get up to dance, that was all I needed to hear. Tango is passion with an attitude.”

Completely different from the ballroom-style tango that most people think of — the tango danced in TV contests — Argentinian tango, or tango porteño, is very lead-follow. “Men take charge and women find it refreshing to have a part of their lives where they can feel completely feminine,” Barbara says. “The basic movements simple, the important things are technique and posture, which improve the more you dance. Puerto Vallarta is the perfect place to tango, because people come to enjoy themselves and there is an openness to new cultural experiences.” www.tangobar-productions.com

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