Featured in Vallarta Lifestyles Magazine, Fall/Winter 2009 issue.

Once you’ve put on your best disco duds and styled your hair, you just need a final check in the mirror before the fun begins. Do you need to wait until dark? Not in Puerto Vallarta! You can start early and, if you have the energy, continue into the following day.

How about starting off at the Hard Rock Café and La Bodeguita del Medio around ten in the morning? Both venues offer that option, Hard Rock Café focusing on rock and La Bodeguita del Medio on Cuban music. Now primed, you could move on to the newly opened Punto V or the uninhibited Zoo, where the fun starts while others are just planning to eat.

When twilight falls, it’s time to make your appearance at Friends for their famous enormous drinks. And for the trendy young, Mandala with its Spanish pop music and electronics is in vogue, with dozens always waiting to enter. If you prefer Mexican banda and ranchera music and a few shots of tequila, La Cantina is for you. At this point in the evening, you should be ready for a good live rock band. Bebotero features good options, while the Roxy also includes an irresistible touch of reggae.

When night comes, you may be ready to take the stage, and La Regadera karaoke bar offers the genre that best suits your voice. And after giving voice to your euphoria, it’s time to set your body loose on Glam’s dramatically lit dance floor. Are you ready for the alternative scene? El Mañana is full of possibilities for carrying a night of wild fun through to dawn. Best of all, at that time, all these options are open again, ready for another endless night.

Bebotero • Paseo Díaz Ordaz 522, El Centro
Friends • Galeana 180, El Centro
Glam • Morelos 460, El Centro
Hard Rock Café • Paseo Díaz Ordaz 652, El Centro
La Bodeguita del Medio • Paseo Díaz Ordaz 858, El Centro
La Cantina • Morelos 709, El Centro
La Regadera • Morelos 666, El Centro
Mandala • Morelos 635, El Centro
Mañana • Venustiano Carranza 290, El Centro
Punto V • Paseo Díaz Ordaz 786, El Centro
Roxy • Ignacio L. Vallarta 217, El Centro
Zoo • Paseo Díaz Ordaz 630, El Centro