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Puerto Vallarta: Remember Who You Are

Published Jun 3, 2008 - (Updated Aug 13, 2012)


Certainly you have noticed the artistic campaign “Remember Who You Are”, while strolling down Puerto Vallarta’s downtown streets. These murals invite you to rediscover your inner child and have enchanted many local citizens and tourists, but have also raised criticism from some of the more traditional residents. Nevertheless, Libelul-Art promoter Alejandra Macedo emphazises the fact that these murals painted in abandoned locations, have rejuvenated them and have inspired smiles and feelings of joy among passers-by.

“I discovered Chase’s murals on a trip to Los Angeles, California. Currently I love seeing them in Puerto Vallarta, now that we are in the process of restoring it and making it more beautiful,” says Alejandra who introduced the project to her partner, artist Fernando Sánchez. “It seemed a solid, interesting and flexible campaign to me. The important issue was using abandoned spaces and converting them into a public art piece for everybody’s delight!”

Chase and Bue were the initiators of this movement and happily accepted the invitation to visit Puerto Vallarta and create a large mural in a space near the Buenaventura Hotel, in addition to adorning other locations such as the corner of calles Colombia and Venezuela. “The entire project was completed in ten days and was sponsored by Hotel Buenaventura Arquitect Abel Villa, De Santos Karina Amutio, PV’s Tourism Director Marcelo Alcaraz, and COMEX Engineer Pavon.

Originally from Belgium, Chase and Bue got their start as graffiti artists. Today, Chase is recognized in many countries, with murals appearing in locations across Europe and even as far away as Tokyo. He also works in the fashion industry, designing clothes and shoes. Chase’s work in Puerto Vallarta was recognized, by local graffiti artists that knew his work from the Internet. “We talked with them about the pros and cons of the artistic graffiti movement. They were excited about harmonizing the spaces and not just randomly scribbling while creating their graffiti art,” said Alejandra.


Alejandra Macedo and Fernando Sánchez are the directors of Libelul-Art, an asociation created to promote cultural and public-spiritedness among the local residents, in addition to being involved in the city’s actual downtown restoration. Libelul-Art promotes local artists with international acknowledgements, as well as considering proposals from unknown artists.

“Remember Who You Are” is one of their first achievements. The space next to the large mural, is actually being converted into an open-air art market where children and adults can play and enjoy themselves. “This is just the start of the movement which we intend to initiate and promote through future projects.” As for their participation in the “downtown rescue”, they are looking towards a Puerto Vallarta with a contemporary identity.

According to Fernando, Puerto Vallarta is being seen as a potential and emerging art market but sadly we don’t have an art museum. “The idea is to have a live city for the local people." Libelul-Art will announce soon the First Annual Vallarta Contemporary Art Exhibition, featuring the famous curator Pilar Perez, in addition to many guest artists. Email libelul_art@yahoo.com.mx for more information.

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