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Dim the Lights

Published Aug 16, 2006 - (Updated Dec 19, 2012)

Dim the Lights-Main

There’s something special about going to the movies – and now there are myriad options in Vallarta, so plan to settle down in the dark and enjoy the show!

Movies in Mexico are generally shown in the original language with Spanish subtitles, a great opportunity to pick up vocabulary not usually in phrase books. Children’s films and animated features are usually dubbed into Spanish; however, with all the new Vallarta screens, youth-oriented films are often shown at the same theater in both the original language and in Spanish.

Movies cost a lot less in Mexico than north of the border, ticket prices varying from free to $42 pesos, depending on an array of factors. And what’s a movie without munchies? Theaters sell buckets of popcorn – with chili sauce if you need more kick than butter. Hot dogs, nachos, ice cream and candy bars also are available, along with soft drinks. Look for theater “cafés” and “candy stores,” where you can mix your sweets!

Movies change every Friday, schedules published in local newspapers or at web sites like www.virtualvallarta.com. Spanish titles aren’t direct translations of the English, so if you get to the theater and don’t see your movie, don’t be alarmed. Check the small print on the posters for the English title and come enjoy the show at any of the following venues:

Cine Bahia

Insurgentes 63, South Side; (322) 222-1717
Five screens. Oldest movie theater in Puerto Vallarta.
Stadium seating.
Scarce street parking only, but theater located in town.
Admission: $38; Wednesdays $25; children and seniors $25.

Cine Versalles

Francisco Villa 799, Versalles; (322) 225-8766
Twelve screens. More updated than its sister theater, Cine Bahia.
Better seating than Cine Bahia, but not the greatest.
Annoying intermission. Free parking.
Admission: $40; Wednesdays $30; children and seniors $30.


Plaza Caracol, Hotel Zone; (322) 224-8927
Ten screens. Part of 13-country chain.
Comfortable stadium seating with good space between rows.
Located in mall with stores and restaurants.
Charge for parking at plaza, but validation for three hours.
Admission: $35 after 3 pm weekdays and after 6 pm weekends; before 3 pm and Wednesdays $30; children, seniors and students $33.
Promotions and schedule at www.cinemark.com.mx.


Soriana Plaza, Pitillal; (322) 293-6763
Fourteen screens. Part of international chain.
Located in commercial center with free parking; loud video game arcade
at entrance.Very comfortable stadium seating and super sound. Admission: $42 after 6 pm weekdays and after 3 pm weekends; before 6 pm weekdays $40; Wednesdays $32; children, seniors and students $40.
Promotions and schedule at www.cinepolis.com.mx. Club Cinepolis card available for purchase at theater. Swipe it for every Cinepolis purchase and 5% goes as credit on the card.

Library Los Mangos

Francisco Villa 1001, Los Mangos; (322) 224-9966
Films of different genres shown Fridays at 6 pm and again Saturdays at 4.
Seating is on folding chairs inside. No refreshments. Call for schedule.
Admission: $15.

River Cuale Cultural Center

East end of Isla Rio Cuale; (322) 223-0095
Eighty-seat theater. Setting for the International Film Festival each November and often showing other films. Limited parking, but right in town. Try checking schedule at www.culturavallarta.com or call.
Admission: Free.

Roots Restaurant

Lázaro Cárdenas 40, Bucerías; (329) 298-2504
Current movies Mondays through Wednesdays and Saturdays in garden.
Showtime depends on sunset. Purchase not a requirement, but good vegetarian fare available. Admission: Free.

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