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Best Beach: That Depends on What You Have in Mind

Published Apr 27, 2006 - (Updated Dec 19, 2012)

Best Beach: That Depends on What You Have in Mind-Main

Featured in Vallarta Lifestyles Magazine, Spring/Summer 2006 issue.

With some 26 beaches on Banderas Bay’s 34 miles of coastline, there really is no such thing as “the best beach” here. Besides, whatever floats your boat, right? We can, however, give you a heads-up about the best ones for enjoying various pursuits.

Best Beaches to Have Fun with Your Children

Las Animas and Mismaloya

The gentle surf at Las Animas, along with the crocodile farm, is great for the young ones. Mismaloya’s beach itself may not be as big, but kids will love exploring the “Night of the Iguana” film sets

Best Beach to Get Away From It All: San Pancho

This quaint hideaway an hour north of Puerto Vallarta combines the best ingredients: a wide, pristine sand beach, plus a very neat small town to explore.

Best Beach to Get an Even Suntan: Sayulita

Well, not exactly. First off, nude sunbathing is not legal in Mexico. But, if you must, a 10-minute hike south of the town (along the main beach, past the cemetery and beyond the local Los Muertos Beach) will take you to a beautiful, untouched and secluded spot.

Best Beach to Get Braided: Los Muertos

Just like the Energizer bunny, nothing seems to slow down the ladies parading all along this beach offering “trencitas,” or braids, for your hair. And almost as amusing is watching all the characters (women and men) parading around town later on, showing off their new hairdos. If you’re not interested in braids or the myriad things that will be offered to you on this beach, all you have to say is “No, gracias.”

Best Beach for a Honeymoon: Majahuitas

A jungle-fringed cove that feels as removed from civilization as any island, the only thing here besides an exotic South Seas feel and great snorkelling and diving is an exclusive Mexico Boutique Hotel. Its gourmet food and barefoot-with-linen mood really hits the spot with newlyweds.

Best Beach for a Daytrip: Yelapa

With fast pangas leaving from Los Muertos pier and larger day cruises stopping along the way, Yelapa combines all the elements of a great day trip: spectacular views en route, a peaceful beach with abundant food and drink, hiking and horseback riding trails, paragliding and a waterfall, not to mention a funky little town where electricity arrived only a decade ago.

Best Gay Beach: Los Muertos

Birds of a feather stick together, so they say. And Puerto Vallarta’s thriving gay population has chosen the southernmost point of Los Muertos Beach as its hangout of choice. Blue Chairs, Green Chairs, call it what you will. The music’s great, conversation happens easily, and it’s always a party.

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