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A Treasure Trove of Experiences and Information: Vallarta Lifestyles Digital Edition

Published May 23, 2008 - (Updated Aug 13, 2012)

In the dictionary, the word “magazine” is defined as a noun, but the Vallarta Lifestyles Digital Edition is more than an online evolution of a paper publication - it's an experience! Whether you are a full or part-time resident in the Puerto Vallarta area, have visited us before and want to keep current on what's happening here or are planning an upcoming trip to our tropical paradise, this digital magazine is for you!

With an awareness of the environmental impact of printed materials and the quickly diminishing supply of trees in our world, the virtual edition of Vallarta Lifestyles invites you to experience magazine reading in a new and 'green' way. Your complimentary one year subscription of this digital publication will enable you to read and enjoy the entire contents of a hard copy of the Vallarta Lifestyles magazine, but with the bonus of interesting options such as video clips, slide shows and related web links for further information which you may desire.

But the choice is yours! This publication contains none of those clever, yet tiresome pop-ups that seem to appear on your screen at the most inconvenient times, as is common in many other complimentary online sites. However, if you want more information about anything you find in the digital edition of Vallarta Lifestyles, these special features are simply a click away; but you choose when you wish to view them.

Sound to good to be true? This is one freebie that you will refer to time and time again. Simply go to www.vallartalifestyles.com and fill out a simple form to sign up. In less time than you have spent reading the last four paragraphs, you will be registered and your first complementary issue will be on its way to your email address, with another issue being emailed to you every three months for one year.

The first page of the publication, contains a glossary of terms to navigate your magazine with ease and speed. Click on the "Contents" link and then on the name of the article or feature you wish to read and you will quickly get right to your desired text in a fraction of the time you might spending leafing through a hard copy of the publication. Also at the click of a button, you can adjust the page size to your preference, zoom in or out on specific parts of pages you may wish to view in a different size and even email a copy of an article or other interesting information to a friend. If there is something you would like to find in this virtual magazine, click on "Look it Up" and find pages with the word or phrase you have entered as a search. If there's a recipe, an ad or an article you'd like a hard copy of, simply print it for yourself.

Your first complimentary edition of Vallarta Lifestyles Digital Edition, is just a click away. Keep current, keep informed and help the environment!

Great Comments Online About Vallarta Lifestyles Digital Edition! (from Trip Advisor Puerto Vallarta Forum) 

“Thanks for posting this…I love that magazine!”
LOVEROFPV • Minneapolis, Minnesota
“Thanks for the info. I found some great info while viewing.”
Texasfriends • Plano, Texas

“I registered on-line to receive Vallarta Lifestyle through my email. I am so excited when I see it in my mailbox! The format is fantastic and always enjoy each and every page. Loved the menus for Restaurant Week! Hope all enjoy.”
Friscodana • Dallas, Texas

“You can’t miss this…it’s great!”
luv2travelnow • Winnipeg, Canada

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