Featured in Vallarta Lifestyles Magazine, Fall/Winter 2009 issue.

Congratulations! You are now in Puerto Vallarta, México. But have you truly been to Puerto Vallarta? Here are some must-do’s for you to consider if you wish to secure your place among the most committed Puerto Vallarta fans. Mark those activities you enjoyed or are planning to enjoy during your vacation and check your score at the bottom.

  1. Walk the Isla Rio Cuale on a sunny afternoon.
  2. Watch the sunset. (You get extra points if you catch the green flash!)
  3. Have a shot of tequila and attempt a Mexican howl at a local restaurant.
  4. Bargain for a better price at a local Mexican crafts mercado.
  5. Visit the Church of Guadalupe. (Remember: no shorts allowed!)
  6. Eat at a Mexican restaurant. And if you are feeling gutsy, give a taco stand a shot.
  7. Walk by a tortilla factory and enjoy the smell of freshly made tortillas.
  8. Walk the Malecon, preferably on a Sunday afternoon or evening.
  9. Used the phrase “no, gracias” (no, thanks) at least once.
  10. Visit at least one art gallery.
  11. Have a picture taken by the Caballito Malecon sculpture.
  12. Take a ride on a city bus, even if it is for only a few blocks.
  13. Sample at least one of the local foods.
  14. Enjoy an order of guacamole and chips, with a traditional margarita on the side.
  15. Enjoy a water taxi ride to any of the South Shore beach destinations.

1-5 • Puerto Vallarta Fan, Lightweight Division

Kudos for trying some of the things we locals enjoy so much about our city! The good thing is, there is plenty more for you to enjoy and explore on your next trip. Have you made your reservation yet?

6-10 • Puerto Vallarta Fan, Middleweight Division

Your friends back home may think you are an expert because you know the difference between salsa verde and salsa roja or because you know The Night of the Iguana was filmed here. But that was over 50 years ago! You still have a way to go.

11-15 • Puerto Vallarta Fan, Heavyweight Division

Ay, ay, ay, ay! You are on your way to becoming an honorary Patasalada, the name used to refer to those born in Puerto Vallarta.