Featured in Vallarta Lifestyles Magazine, Summer/Fall 2008 issue.

Refreshing ideas to survive the dog days of summer in paradise

There’s no getting around it. Summer in Vallarta is just plain hot! Even with the almost daily thundershowers, the rain here in the tropics only cools things down temporarily, and before you know it, the hot and humid air returns. But don’t let that keep you hiding indoors with your head in the refrigerator. We’ve come up with some ideas, strategies and places to visit that either will cool you down or are just plain cool!


Chilling Treats

Cool Shades

Use Your Fridge Wisely

Climate-control Comfort

H20 the Mexican Way

Play for the Day

Local residents and visitors not staying at a big resort can enjoy all the fun these properties provide by purchasing a day pass. Choose between a facility pass for use of their amenities, such as the pools and beach/water activities, and an all-inclusive pass that allows use of the amenities plus meals and drinks for the day. With the wide range of prices and options, it’s best to call ahead by referring to the phone numbers listed in the handy Vallarta Lifestyles Hotel Guide on pages 220 of this magazine.

Take an Afternoon Siesta

And finally, if you can’t stand the heat...

La Michoacana - A Rainbow of Paletas

La Michoacana is the most widely recognized paleteria in Mexico, as well as being this country’s largest independent business chain. This is an amazing accomplishment, since it was originally founded as a small family business in Tocumbo, Michoacan, in the 1940s. This popular outlet produces and sells countless varieties of naturally flavored paletas made with water or a milk/cream base, as well as ice cream and sherbet by the scoop and traditional aguas. The paletas boast delicious flavors such as strawberry, guava, cantaloupe, pistachio and coconut. The water-based paletas are popsicles with chunks of fruit and other ingredients, whereas the milk- or cream-based varieties are more like ice cream on a stick.