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Responsible Whale Watching Catches On

Published Nov 1, 2009 - (Updated Aug 30, 2013)

Featured in Vallarta Lifestyles Magazine, Fall/Winter 2006 issue.

Local whale-watching evangelist Keith May couldn’t be happier. For years he has been working to educate locals and visitors about responsible whale watching through his website www.puertovallartawhalewatching.com, actively participating in online forums and discussion boards, and leading tours himself. The good news is, all his hard work is paying off. As the public learns the importance of booking a tour only through authorized whale-watching agencies (May keeps a constantly updated list on his website), more and more tour providers have found themselves with no choice but to go through the training programs required to become legally sanctioned. “This past season I went on 48 trips, and there was a noticeable change of behavior. By working to educate the public about the importance of choosing responsible and authorized whale-watching tour operators, we have seen more operators legalizing their operations and more boat captains demonstrating much better conduct while in the vicinity of whales.”

Whale-watching season in Banderas Bay runs from early December to late March. Visit www.puertovallartawhalewatching.com for more information and details. 

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