Featured in Vallarta Lifestyles Magazine, Fall/Winter 2009 issue.

Are you ready to make the big transition and relocate to Puerto Vallarta? For most of us, moving to a different city or country involves a slew of cultural, logistical, financial and medical adjustments. We asked Learn Vallarta, a new service in town that specializes in helping first-time visitors and potential residents get off to a good start, for a few key pointers.

  1. Know yourself well enough to realize the transition you are making may be the most unusual and exciting in your life – be open to the differences.
  2. Expect things and people to go slower; but on the other hand, courtesies and helpful guidance abound.
  3. Make sure your finances are in order and can support you while living here.
  4. Understand your medical needs and insurance coverage for Mexico.
  5. Find a knowledgeable local friend or consultant to help you better understand the infrastructure (telephones, immigration, transportation, banking, etc).
  6. Embrace your new life and culture with joy! Go beyond your comfort zone. Magical synchronicity is found here for whatever you do.