Are you ready to give Mexico’s mainstay dish a try? Look for these 10 reassuring signs when considering your first close encounter with a taco stand.

  1. Separate person to handle the money – hygiene counts, and who wants a tortilla that tastes like “dough”!
  2. Soap and water for washing hands, yours and the cook’s – once again, hygiene is essential!
  3. Well-stocked napkin holders and saltshakers, along with a clean and organized counter
    – attention to detail usually indicates a trustworthy operation.
  4. Fresh tortilla maker—fresh tortillas are thicker and more flavorful than machine-made.
  5. A variety of salsas – each stand has their own variations; feel free to try them all!
  6. A variety of garnishes – fresh limes, thinly sliced radishes, chopped onion, chopped cabbage
    and jalapeño peppers enhance the flavors of many types of tacos.
  7. A list of the day’s offerings – printed menus are virtually nonexistent.
  8. A place to sit down – many people eat their tacos standing up, but a place to sit doesn’t hurt.
  9. A fan – it helps you stay cool and also keeps flies away from your food!
  10. A TV set – while not essential, it will keep you up-to-date on the laest soccer match.