Blenders are whirring all over Vallarta, so don’t bother digging out yours when you want a refreshing fruit drink. Instead, head for any of the myriad juice bars, cafes or restaurants serving up cool, luscious “smoothies.”

Traditionally, a smoothie is a blended non-alcoholic beverage made from natural ingredients, usually fruits and juices but sometimes other natural flavors such as chocolate or even green tea. Most smoothies use frozen fruit to make them into partially frozen beverages and may also include sherbet or frozen yogurt. For the health conscious, these delicious potions often include added vitamins, minerals or energy boosters.

Try a “Yelapa,” made with mango, banana and orange juice, at Café San Angel in the South Side or a “Jungle Juice Zapper” at Energy Café in La Cruz to get a quick lift with fiber and vitamin C. Vegetarians can visit 100% Natural in the Hotel Zone, serving up juice blends as well as smoothies. Have a frothy fruit blend while checking email at Cyber Smoothie at Hotel San Marino or shop for art while sipping at Dee’s Coffee Company in the South Side. Slurp a smoothie at the swim-up bar in your hotel or savor one while browsing for used books at Page in the Sun on Olas Altas. At Jumaica in El Centro, you can order your yummy drink with a shot of booze if you like. Smoothies are all over Vallarta, so find your special place and drink up!