Molcajete Salsa at Your Table-Main

Featured in Vallarta Lifestyles Magazine, Summer/Fall 2007 issue.

A basalt (volcanic rock) tool traditionally used at home to grind spices and prepare salsas and guacamole, the molcajete, or Mexican mortar, is the big enchilada of kitchen gadgets here, dating back to Aztec times. Due to its size and weight, you may hesitate before considering schlepping one back home with you. However, you can experience a molcajete in action right here in town, not to mention one of the finest Mexican meals in Puerto Vallarta, at Agave Grill (Morelos 589, El Centro), where every dinner party is now greeted with a traditional Mexican molcajete salsa, made with the freshest ingredients right at your table while you choose the rest of your meal.

Intrigued? We took our camera and microphones to the restaurant for you to preview the experience! Click on the link below to watch a slide show.