Sometimes you just have to make the best of your surroundings. Such is the case of Restaurante Bar Gaby’s, a quaint, Mexican restaurant located at the corner of Mina and Hidalgo Streets, only two blocks away from Puerto Vallarta’s colorful Malecón in El Centro. Founded in 1989 as a simple lunch restaurant, its reduced footage is no obstacle for its four distinct dining areas, distributed on two stories.

One of those areas, the top-level balcony, overlooks quiet Hidalgo St, and happens to face a large, white wall across the street. The restaurant quickly saw this as an opportunity, turning the wall into a projection screen. Night after night, aside from delighting their guests with choice traditional Mexican cuisine, Gaby’s screens a variety of films that can be enjoyed along with dinner.

Today, the restaurant’s success is largely due to staying true to their family restaurant essence, providing some of the best homemade style Mexican food in town, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.