Cravings: A Guayaba-Main

Featured in Vallarta Lifestyles Magazine, Summer/Fall 2007 issue.

A very rich source of vitamin C (even more so than the ubiquitous orange), guayabas – or guavas, as they are known up north – are as delicious fresh as they are in their many widely available incarnations, from thick rolls of rich guava paste to bottled guava nectar. And since they can be harvested year round in warm climates, they are considered one of Mexico’s leading fruits. Try guavas fresh, peel and all, enjoying their sweet, aromatic flavor. You’ll be tempted to carve out the fleshy, seed-abundant inside, but swallow it carefully, instead. It’s the sweetest part of the fruit!

Guayabas are believed to have inspired the name of the popular “guayabera” shirt, popular in Mexico and many Latin American countries. It is characterized by its multiple pockets, arguably designed as such to facilitate guava collection in farms.

While canned guava paste is readily available in local supermarkets, it does not compare to the freshly produced variety that originates in many Mexican small towns, such as nearby Talpa de Allende, where the fruit’s sweet fragrance seems to permeate all over.