My first experience with it made me feel much more sophisticated, somehow. And while decades have passed, I still vividly recall my shocked delight upon tipping that creamy cold spoonful of vichyssoise onto my tongue.

And I was hooked, destined to scan every menu from then on for anything of that refreshing ilk — gazpacho, cold avocado or iced cucumber soups. You name it and I’ll order it, especially here in tropical Puerto Vallarta, where these delicious refreshers not only make a lot of sense, but tend to take on an interesting Mexican persona.

The not-hot poblano pepper adds zest to a big bowl of vichyssoise that’s to die for at Banana Cantina. Plump fresh-caught camarones take gazpacho up a notch at sister restaurants Trio and Vitea, this Spanish-style liquid salad also offered at Barcelona, San Pancho’s Mar Plata and Café des Artistes — which offers very creative cold soups in shot glasses. Casa Naranjo has a wonderful cold cream of orange with essence of coriander. And all you cold avocado soup fanciers will want to check out the version served at Chef Roger’s Mañana restaurant in Punta de Mita.

Other local eateries also boast cold soups on their menus, especially during the hot summer months. So keep your eyes peeled for them and enjoy!