Featured in Vallarta Lifestyles Magazine, Spring/Summer 2006 issue.

Recognizing an opportunity when they see it, the owners of this 18-year-old bakery are maximizing their landslide win in the most recent virtualvallarta.com Readers’ Choice poll. Proud of winning first place in the Best Bakery, Best Dessert and Best Ice Cream categories, Susan Drexler Price and Philip Price thought, “Why not brag about it!”

“This is why you will find the 2005 Readers’ Choice award symbol painted shoulder-high on our front door (at Lázaro Cárdenas 247, South Side) and in most of our marketing materials,” Susan says. “In fact, if there was room on our business cards, the symbol would be on them as well! People passing by see the logo and are inspired to walk through the door, whether a tourist here for the first time or a resident realizing we’re number one.

“Readers’ Choice is a very helpful system to gauge the quality a business offers, similar to the respected Five Star Diamond Award earned by exceptional restaurants. By narrowing the playing field to the best, it’s a handy guide, a good way to let people know the businesses they can count on. And it helps us, as owners, know that what we’re doing works. It keeps our staff on track and inspires us to work harder.

“Recently, we brought in our pastry chef consultant from the US to introduce new recipes and spruce up old ones in an effort to continually increase the quality of our product. Of course, we are hoping this will also help us in the 2006 Readers’ Choice competition!”