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A Warm Salute to Inspirational Puerto Vallarta Restaurateurs

Published Oct 30, 2007 - (Updated Dec 5, 2012)

A Warm Salute to Inspirational Puerto Vallarta Restaurateurs-Main

Featured in Vallarta Lifestyles Magazine, Fall/Winter 2007 issue.

Exemplifying the wide range of qualities required to excel in the restaurant industry, each restaurateur pictured here has contributed immeasurably to the outstanding world-class dining scene this popular resort destination enjoys. They continually inspire one another to new gastronomic heights while their camaraderie and passion have attracted other top-notch restaurateurs and chefs from all around the globe to the area.

Well known to those of us who love good food and drink in Puerto Vallarta, these are some of the town’s busiest people, pouring an immense amount of love and energy into their award-winning venues. At “Vallarta Lifestyles” we were honored to be able to gather most of them together in tribute. As always, when trying to organize such a group photo (especially during the low season), we unfortunately missed a few that should have been with us.

Their success best measured by the satisfied patrons who continually flock to their eateries, these restauranteurs have provided a strong foundation for our thriving culinary scene. And while there are many reasons we believe these visionaries are so successful – the fact they are almost always on hand to greet guests and oversee every detail of their operations, for example – we put them on the spot by asking for their take on it and were humbled by their responses.

Perhaps most visible is Thierry Blouet, chef-owner of Café des Artistes, Cocina de Autor, Thierry’s Prime Steakhouse and soon yet another venue. “I really love what I do and where I live, which is also why I am involved in the annual Puerto Vallarta Gourmet Festival, which helps raise Puerto Vallarta’s profile as a gourmet destination.”

Ulf Henriksson of Trio and Vitea says he and partner Bernard Güth are doing well as a direct result of contributing a more cosmopolitan flair to Puerto Vallarta, while becoming a part of the life here, where people from all over the world do interesting things.

Mimmo Lorusso of La Piazzetta feels that being hands-on is vital. He does the daily shopping, for example, ensuring not only that everything is always ultra fresh, but that he knows what to recommend to his guests.

Sergio Alpenia of Archie’s Wok cites his family’s pride in the restaurant his father, Archie, started more than 20 years ago after being the personal chef to the late move director John Huston.

One thing we know for sure. Many a tourist returns year after year to mine Puerto Vallarta’s gastronomic gold. And this photo shoot at the beautiful CasaMagna Marriott was a powerful reminder of how very fortunate we are to have such a bounty in our own backyard.

Tari Bowman of Daiquiri Dick’s says her 35-year-old beachfront restaurant has played an important role in the town’s culinary foundation, while always evolving in interesting new ways.

Andreas Ruprechter of Kaiser Maximilian credits both his unique concept, Austrian/European cuisine served in a Viennese-style ambiance, and the fact that he opened just as Vallarta was becoming known internationally as a destination for great food with the advent of the first annual gourmet festival, which he participated in.

Luis Fitch of Los Xitomates says he is an enthusiastic advocate of Mexican food and an avid promoter of Puerto Vallarta’s gastronomy, which he finds absolutely delicious and loves sharing with his patrons.

Eva Sánchez of The River Cafe notes that a restaurant is a reflection of the people behind it, adding that she and her husband and business partner, Margarito Larios, are focused on two things: their work and their family.

Humberto Esparza of Le Bistro points out that his is one of the first gourmet restaurants in Vallarta and part of its history, he and partner Roberto Cuevas reinventing the place every year to ensure it is equally integral to Vallarta’s future.

Carmen Porras of El Arrayan admits to being very flattered to be part of this prestigious group because she has only been in business four years. But her goal was to be the best Mexican restaurant in PV, so she has marketed aggressively and attained that distinction for the past three years, according to the annual virtualvallarta.com Readers’ Choice competition.

One thing we know for sure. Many a tourist returns year after year to mine Puerto Vallarta’s gastronomic gold. And this photo shoot at the beautiful CasaMagna Marriott was a powerful reminder of how very fortunate we are to have such a bounty in our own backyard.

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