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Puerto Vallarta: Three Essential Cocktails

Published Feb 29, 2012 -


Displaying endless creativity, local chefs and bartenders constantly strive to ensure that your visit to their restaurants is a wonderful as possible, by offering original cuisine, intriguing drinks, and surprising pairings. And why not do so, when Puerto Vallarta is regarded as a prime gastronomic destination in Mexico? Regardless of the food specialties you choose to savor at the local restaurants you visit, we recommend stopping by the following three eateries, where we found cocktails that were unique, surprising, absolutely memorable and—dare we say—almost habit forming. ¡Salud!

Hotel Cielo Rojo’s Thai Mojito

Exotic in looks and flavor, Hotel Cielo Rojo’s Thai Mojito, served at their restaurant, Bistro Organico, gets its color from purple basil. And in keeping with the restaurants name and philosophy, the herb is produced organically by a local supplier. A meal at the restaurant alone is worth a visit to San Pancho, in Riviera Nayarit. But consider doing so on Fridays when many local shops produce their own Art Walk during the evening (reservations strongly suggested) or during the weekend, so you can explore this laid-back beachfront town located less than an hour north of Puerto Vallarta.

El Arrayán’s Coconut Margarita

As sweet and deceptively harmless as a Long Island Iced Tea, El Arrayan’s playful Coconut Margarita is an excellent way to start a meal at the award-winning Mexican eatery, and just as fulfilling as dessert—just think thick and frothy shake, but with more than a twist of tequila! Other restaurants in town feature them. But the texture is El Arrayan’s version is smooth and velvety, not unlike their specialty homemade salsas, served with every meal.

India Gate’s Ginger Martini

The fun factor is high on this unusual drink that features organic honey from Mascota, Jalisco, at the bottom of the martini glass used to serve it, making it both delicious and versatile. If you enjoy your martinis sour, simply drink as is. To make it sweet, simply stir the cocktail to dissolve some of the honey at the bottom of the glass! A touch of cinnamon placed over the beverage right before serving makes this India Gate offering a must.

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