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New sculpture soon to grace the Malecon

Published Apr 19, 2006 - (Updated Dec 19, 2012)


Featured in Vallarta Lifestyles Magazine, Spring/Summer 2006 issue.

Talent and enthusiasm attract more of the same. So it’s not surprising that expatriate sculptor Jim Demetro, who has some 35 life-size sculptures on display throughout the US, would dedicate his first installation here to our beloved cultural ambassadors, the Xiutla folkloric dance troupe.

Featuring a life-size couple in traditional dress performing a regional dance with the flair and spirit this country is known for, Demetro says it is his most challenging work to date. Since seeing these wonderful young dancers at the Los Arcos amphitheater, he knew this was how he could best honor the Mexican culture he loves. And, he thought, what better place for people to view it than on the Malecon, which already has some amazing public art and is the reason he and his wife, Eva, came here in the first place.

And while City Hall has approved “Traditional Mexican Dancers” for the new Malecon extension, funding is the artist’s responsibility. So Demetro is selling limited edition bronze miniatures to raise money to have the piece cast in bronze and installed where we can all enjoy it. www.jimdemetro.com

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