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Two New Malecon Sculptures Unveiled in 2008

Published Apr 1, 2009 - (Updated Dec 3, 2012)


Featured in Vallarta Lifestyles Magazine, Winter/Spring 2009 issue.

Created by Ramiz Barquet, the San Pascual Bailón sculpture was erected in the new Plaza de los Chefs in front of Vitea Restaurant. San Pascual de Bailón is the patron saint of chefs, and in the past, women also prayed to him when they needed help with household chores. Additionally, plaques were set into the pavement near the sculpture to honor three renowned chefs, Alejandro Heridia, Thierry Blouet and Roger Dreier, with plans to recognize other outstanding culinary artisans in future years. Barquet donated his services, and the local restaurant association, with significant contributions from Vitea and Trio restaurants, paid the foundry costs.

To learn more about the fine works of art along the Malecon, attend a free sculpture tour led by Gary Thompson of Galeria Pacifico. Tours meet at the Millennium Sculpture on Tuesday mornings prior to 9:30 am. The final tour date of this season is April 14, 2009.

“The Washer Woman” by Jim Demetro depicts the time-honored tradition of hand washing clothes in the river. As his model, the artist used a 76-year-old washerwoman who regularly accomplishes this task in the Cuale River. Following the clay sculpting stage, it took about seven months to create the finished piece in bronze, which was cast at a local foundry. Says Demetro, “The purpose of my sculpting work is to preserve the customs and culture of the everyday lives of the people of Vallarta, which is, as you know, changing very rapidly.” This sculpture was commissioned by David Berry of Molino de Agua and is installed in front of the development.

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