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Photographer Spotlight: Jay Ailworth

Published Nov 20, 2007 - (Updated Dec 5, 2012)

From the time Jay Ailworth first saw the ocean at the age of five, he knew the sea would always be part of his life. The Coast Guard further convinced him. Later, while in the service in Viet Nam, Jay was convinced by some buddies to buy a bargain camera, and he discovered another essential element in his existence. A job in a camera store and a position within Pacific Bell in audio-visual services followed.

Always an avid sailor, Jay now combines his passions. His photography focuses primarily on the water and the outdoor world, his images coming from his time at sea and the myriad places he has visited. An enthusiastic traveler and an “opportunistic” photographer, Jay tries to capture a little piece of everywhere he goes.

Although he sailed down to Vallarta from California, he and his wife now live on land, but Jay never misses a chance to be out on the ocean – and always with his camera at hand.

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