Best Musical Makeover: Los Bambinos-Main

Featured in Vallarta Lifestyles Magazine, Spring/Summer 2006 issue.

If you’ve spent any time in South Side, you’ve probably seen them: a group of five young men wearing matching outfits and bright broad smiles. Or perhaps you’ve done a double take while enjoying a restaurant meal, suddenly recognizing a Beatles song being performed nearby … in cha-cha-cha style? A group of four Cuernavaca brothers plus a cousin, Los Bambinos have been pounding the pavement (and the sand) entertaining folks at local restaurants with their eclectic mixture of traditional and pop songs with a Latin twist for several years. Recently, they were invited to perform on a stage, for a change. Local musician Blaine Selkirk was hired by Santa Barbara’s Ed Hutmacher to piece together a show, fine-tuning their existing material. In Selkirk’s expert hands, Los Bambinos went from traveling troubadours to overnight sensation. The resulting dozen performances, all completely sold out, turned out to be one of the most successful and unexpected surprises for all.

Los Bambinos have remained humble despite their recent success, sticking to their goals (all full-time students) and thanking those around them who have lent a helping hand through the years. “They are the most wonderful people you could ever meet,” said Polly Vicars, an 18-year Vallarta resident who met Carlos, the eldest, nine years ago and has adopted the clan ever since. In appreciation, Los Bambinos donate 10% of every CD they sell to Puerto Vallarta’s Becas Ball Foundation.

To listen one of their songs, just hit the play button below.