Can you picture a world in which technology dissolves all frontiers between its inhabitants? Local college students Sandra Briones, Alejandro Félix and Jesús Aguirre asked themselves that very same question when they heard of a world-wide short film competition offered by Microsoft last year. All three were multimedia students at a local university at the time, interested in film, and ready to rise to the competition’s thought-provoking thematic question.

After agreeing on a common vision, a required storyboard was created. With minimum equipment, a cast of a young boy and girl, and immeasurable creative energy, Sandra, Alejandro and Jesús filmed Vía, or Path, a seven-minute black and white answer we should all ponder.

The Vía team, along with 126 other teams worldwide, entered the first competition stage, and won first prize. The second stage — 30 teams, two from Mexico — took place in Japan. The team spent eight unforgettable and hair-raising days; yet another short film had to be created on the spot by all teams, a testament to their genuine abilities. Despite a health setback and with only three days to deliver, the Vía team was the first to complete this task. And not only that, Sandra, Alejandro and Jesús returned triumphant to Puerto Vallarta with the competition’s overall first prize, along with $8,000 USD.

With a poignant yet hopeful point of view, Vía uses a tin can telephone metaphor to create a connection between two children. With expressive cinematography, and carefully selected background music, no dialogue is needed to make the point across. Is there a happy ending?

You can play the movie with our livestream video, the file is about 9MB so please be patient if you are on a slow connection. If you can see the movie you may not have the latest version of Flash Player, to do so click HERE