Is it trash or treasure? At EntreAmigos in San Pancho, everything has possibilities. That said, recycling glass is not as simple a process as one would imagine, as exemplified with this 360º panoramic image of the community center's dumping area. “In order to recycle glass, you need to begin with 15 tons, crushed to a certain size, and sorted by color,” comments Nicole Swedlow, who oversees EntreAmigos. “Once this is done, a processing plant in Guadalajara travels to San Pancho with a special vehicle and we must rent a bulldozer to load it, making it a complex and costly process.”

Fortunately for them, and for us, repurposing glass into a variety of useful household items such as glasses, vases and such, is one of EntreAmigos’ specialties! Click on the 360º images below to explore other areas of EntreAmigos.

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