It's ironic, considering that the literal translation of Los Muertos is "The Dead," that this long sandy beach on the El Centro is the town's liveliest by far. So named in the 19th century because some had, while others were determined to get their hands on, gold and silver brought down from nearby mines, these days vendors ply ing the beach displaying cases of silver jewelry to folks of all ages and nationalities enjoying the this funky popular spot. The beach lined chockablock with restaurants and bars interspersed with hotels and condominiums, one can grab a beach chair and table by paying a modest rental fee or patronizing the restaurant that owns them. And there's never a boring minute here, all kinds of characters attracted to this beach, some performers and others simply eccentric. In the evenings, mariachi and other musicians wander the beach, stopping to play for whomever hires them and charging by the song. This is a popular parasailing beach — fun to watch even if you choose to stay on tierra firma yourself. And the Los Muertos Pier is the departure point for the where small boats called pangas departing for beaches further south.

What you should know