Golden sand stretching literally for miles, waves that are normally gentle and a gradual drop-off make this an ideal family beach — with lots of oceanfront palapa restaurants and an interesting small town to explore, besides. Boasting the longest beach on the bay, "The Place of the Divers" is known for its freshly shucked giant oysters and other sublime seafood, many folks indulging in the gifts of the sea when not happily frolicking in it here. There's lots of space for everyone to do their thing, with most sun worshippers concentrated in front of the beach restaurants, where they can claim a lounge chair and maybe even a palapa for shade by simply by ordering something. A strong draw here is the constant breeze that makes the beach here feel fresher and cooler than some others, particularly during Puerto Vallarta's hot summers. The town offers a wide choice of cuisines with an ambiance and price range certain to please everyone in your party, most spots right on the water. And the colorful outdoor market by the main plaza is not only fun to browse, but an easy way to absorb local flavor while picking up a souvenir or two.

What you should know