Featured in Vallarta Lifestyles Magazine, Spring/Summer 2006 issue.

An Example Worth Emulating

A dedicated wife and mother, Silvia is tirelessly committed to protecting not only her family but the environment and all creatures sharing this planet with us, her modus operandi combining the heart’s wisdom with rolled up shirtsleeves.

With a degree in communication sciences she moved to Vallarta from Guadalajara 12 years ago, she and husband Carlos Hernandez Hernandez parents to Carlos Sebastian, 11, and Emiel Nicholas, 9. A prolific writer, her articles appear in numerous publications, including one she and a friend began publishing last year. “La Galleta,” The Cookie, is a monthly magazine teaching kids respect for everything in nature, especially animals.

To promote the neutering, spaying and adoption of cats and dogs, she and three others started S.O.S. Animal a few years ago. “I try to open people’s eyes, not only to the plight of our street animals, but to what is happening to our beautiful green Vallarta. I feel impotent about the loss of our parks and increasing environmental degradation. But I do what I can.”

She is president of a women’s Rotary Club committee and a member of both the Puerto Vallarta Ecology Group and the group responsible for animal welfare and control.

Environmentalist Ron Walker says this about her: “Silvia has been a constant force for the benefit of animals in this area for many years. Very few, Mexican or foreign, have demonstrated that consistency. She deserves recognition as a person who makes things work and is an example for the Mexican and foreign communities as to how to accomplish this. Puerto Vallarta needs many more people like her.”