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Juan Manuel Gómez


Juan Manuel Gómez Encarnación: The City’s New Chronicler

The city’s chronicler is very important to Puerto Vallarta. For many years, Carlos Munguia was responsible for documenting the city’s history, and his work left a profound mark on local society. After he passed away, Juan Manuel Gomez Encarnacion was chosen. Born in this city in 1949, he has witnessed the vertiginous growth of this town.

Now a retired schoolteacher, Juan Manuel is renowned for writing outstanding tales of local customs and manners. He’s earned several national awards, like first place in the Children and Youth Literature Contest, with his story “Story for a Tenochca Boy.”

Professor Gomez, as he’s locally known, always showed his love for Puerto Vallarta and his characters in his literature. His willingness to portray stories, legends and facts pertaining to this region is stated in the many books he’s edited along with his father and siblings.

Last April, he began his activities as the city’s chronicler, speaking at conferences, contributing to local radio and press, and writing books, one of which was distributed freely by the local government.

“It’s been a beautiful experience that has allowed me to know in depth Puerto Vallarta and its people.” Among his near-future projects are completing a book to make children get interested in the region’s history. For more information or to contact Professor Gomez, call the Culture Department, 223-0095.

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