Gil Gevins

Laughing at Himself

There are many talented writers, but consistently funny ones are few and far between. Gil Gevins is one of that rare breed: a good writer who is also flat-out hilarious.

“Humor is something I could never live without,” Gevins has said. “And what I like to laugh at the most, is myself.”

Gevins grew up just outside New York City. In high school, Andy Kaufman, the late comedian, was his best friend. 

“I was kind of a strange kid,” Gil says, “but strange-wise, Andy was in a league by himself. Our classmates tended to shun Andy. But I loved the guy because he always had me in stitches. We remained close friends until he died.” 

Gevins has been entertaining readers in Puerto Vallarta for almost thirty years, with his zany tales of life in Mexico. And his stories are not merely amusing; they are laugh-out-loud, choking-on-your-toast funny! 

“When I first came to live in Mexico,” Gil explains, “everything seemed comical and surreal. Finding material for my stories was easy—all I had to do was walk out the front door. Today, it’s much more difficult. I’ve lived in Mexico so long now that everything feels normal. Even I feel normal, which is kind of scary.”

Gil has published over two hundred stories and four books since his arrival in Vallarta. His first book, a collection of stories, entitled, Puerto Vallarta on 49 Brain Cells A Day, has become a cult-classic, a must read for first-time visitors to Mexico. His latest book, Slime and Punishment, is a novel of middle-aged lust gone horribly wrong. It has been greeted with great enthusiasm, and, naturally, cascades of laughter.

Gil continues to reside in Vallarta, along with his vivacious wife, Lucy, the owner of the acclaimed folk-art shop, Lucy’s Cucu Cabaña